Babysitting Co-Op

Welcome to the MOMS Club of Plymouth/Wayzata Babysitting Co-op!  We are so happy you have joined our group of moms trading babysitting.  

  1.  You must download and join KOMAE and fill out your entire profile. To complete please include your children and ages, pets in the home, and your bio.  The following information must be included:
  • Cross streets or nearby landmark
  • Allergies
  •  Husband’s name
  • Who is regularly in your house besides you and your children?  (Mother lives with us, husband works from home, …) 
  • Do you have stairs? Is there a gate?

2.  You must be a current member of MOMS Club to participate in the co-op

3. Moms must be with children at all times during babysitting. Children should not be left unattended.  Houses should be baby proof and child safe.

A few notes about the app:

  • Only trade babysitting for points, do not exchange cash
  • Multiple moms can offer to babysit and you will be able to select a mom close to your house or appointment

The goal is to keep your points between 10-50. If you have more, then please set up a time to get out without your kids. If you have less, then please offer to babysit.  If you are offering and not being selected, then please contact Kaitlin C. We will be having babysitting co-op play-dates throughout the year to help moms and kids get to know each other.  

MOMS Club of Plymouth/Wayzata is not responsible for any accidents or events that occur during a babysitting session. These need to be worked out between the two families.  

*By signing this form, you agree that you have taken all necessary safety precautions, including locking up any weapons, harmful chemicals, or any other materials that could be considered dangerous.

Please sign below that you understand all of the rules. 

MOMS Club of Plymouth-Wayzata
Moms Offering Moms Support